Stress Journal Project

Posted by charlotte marsh on 11/21/2017

We have started our Stress Journal project.  Keeping a journal with our stressful events, our feelings, the irrational belief that makes the event stressful and then disputing this belief can help us manage our stress.  It can also help us see unhealthy patterns and when we are aware of such information we can take steps to correct, improve or alleviate the stress all together. 




Projects final rubric below.

30 pts- Description of personality and stress

(three paragraphs) ________

15 pts- stress journals. _________

70 pts -Stress Analysis- Paper that includes all of these questions.________
(Complete outline below, before writing paper)
_____What is a reoccurring stressor for you? (5)

______What are the feeling generally related to these stresses? (5)

_______What is the overwhelming irrational belief that you felt? (5)

_______Where do you believe this came from? Is it tied to a person or event in your life? 

______What coping strategies (at least 3) do you use? Why may they be unhealthy? (10)

______What you’re your best ways of dealing with this stress that has worked in the 
past? (5)

_______If I wanted to confront this irrational belief what is your plan of attack? Make 
sure you have 3 steps for success. (10)

5 pts- Well Written Analysis ___________
 (grammar, neatness, organization of thoughts)
5 pts (-)for each day date (+) on time __________

Total Grade for Stress Project _______________


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