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Digital Equity Survey

BCS Families-
NYS is requiring all schools to submit a digital equity survey for every student every year. Last year we collected the information through paper forms.
At the back-to-school picnic, we attempted to have the forms completed, but we only received 23 forms. Unfortunately, there are no names on the papers, so I am unable to record the information we did collect.
I have enabled the digital equity survey feature in PowerSchool that will allow students and parents to complete the form electronically through PowerSchool. I am asking our families to please log into the parent portal in Power School to complete the survey for each of their children. (A screenshot of where to find the survey is attached.) BCS is also able to send a paper version for families who do not have PowerSchool access.
I truly appreciate everyone's support and understanding in helping BCS fill this reporting requirement.
Dr. Butler