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Winter Team Photo Schedule -

Winter Team Photo Schedule for the GV/BC Yearbooks

These dates will not be rescheduled unless school is closed, the schedule is changed by the schools, or the Head Coach contacts me at least a day in advance!!  

Please make sure to be at school at least 15 minutes before your coach asks you to be there so we can be ready to go – Senior Single Photos will also be taken that evening. 

Date                     Team                                      Game Time (BE HERE EARLY)

1/5                        Swim (both)                             5:30

1/5                        Volleyball                                6:00

1/10                      JV/Var Girls Basketball            6/7:30

1/11                      JV/Var Boys Basketball           6/7:30

1/13                      Bowling                                   3:30

1/14                      Cheerleading                            *TBD – at Fillmore

1/18                      Modified Girls Basketball        6:00

1/18                      Modifies Boys Basketball         7:15

  • All Photos are at GVCS unless otherwise noted.