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Texas tragedy and relationships

Yet again, this nation is mourning the unthinkable deaths of schoolchildren. We will have students who will be scared and nervous, wondering if such a horrific act could happen in Belfast. We will have very young children who will not understand what has happened, and we will have students who are oblivious that anything has happened. We will provide support to any student or staff member who needs help today (or any day).

It is always challenging to balance how we protect and shield our children from the horrors in the world  while helping them understand why tolerance and kindness are so important in this world.


The most important thing we can do for our students is invest in real relationships with every child. Children who are connected to schools, teachers, family, and their community do not kill people.

Students are not shy about individuals they feel do not like them, even when the adult believes they have a good relationship with the student. Our actions have a direct influence on the lives of our students. How will you be perceived?