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Increased COVID at BCS

Dear Families,

Belfast Central has experienced a surge in positive COVID cases over the past two weeks, resulting in several students and staff members being quarantined by the Department of Health.

As we continue to review our contact tracing, the increase in quarantined students originated with students coming to/ being sent to school knowingly sick with COVID symptoms and then testing positive 2-4 days later. Our staff is frequently hearing from families that ‘it is just a runny nose’ when students are being sent home from school. Taking the extra precaution and staying home may seem like an overreaction, but the majority of our students and staff members who have tested positive for COVID reported that their initial symptom was a runny nose. Unfortunately, a ‘runny nose’ is more problematic than ever before. When anyone comes to school with symptoms, they are risking exposing everyone with whom they come into contact.

Additionally, BCS has received reports that individuals who are quarantined have not stayed at home or have had visitors come to their house while they should be socially distancing and reducing contact with people. Both scenarios will increase exposure to others.

The number of positive COVID cases in the Belfast community, outside of the school, has also increased in recent weeks. We need to work together to stop the spread.

BCS is increasing cleaning during the day and continues to fog classrooms and busses every day. The best defense is to work to keep the virus out of school. Please stay home

  1. If you feel sick,
  2. If your child feels sick,
  3. If you have a household member waiting for the results of a COVID test,
  4. If you are quarantined by the DOH, and
  5. Until all symptoms are gone.

We are asking for your partnership to keep our students safely in school. The school and community working together can slow the spread. Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Dr. Butler