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Smart Schools Bond Plan Approved

On February 24, the NYS Smart Schools Review Board approved the District's second plan, which will address the following goals:
Goal 1: Upgrade the remaining district door locksets for additional card swipe access. These new wireless locks sets will then come into our existing door access system. This will allow for greater security and granular control in the building.
Goal 2: Installation of an Emergency Broadcasting and Alerting System. This system would be installed in all common spaces in the building allowing for greater visual presence in case of an emergency. This system would integrate into Door access and Fire systems linking all systems and allowing for greater notification ability. This system would also give the administration greater notice with a mobile app. Having a visual notification system that can be customized to the incident and provide students, staff, and first responders with up to date information and directions related to any emergency situation in the District.
Goal 3: Upgrade the fire mass notification system in the district. This will allow a modern addressable system to become part of our district security and safety procedures. Including, but not limited to the integrations with other systems that would allow for the closures of doors in designated circumstances.
(During the 18-19 school year, BCS utilized Smart School funding to purchase 1:1 iPads for students in grades K-12.)