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Family Trainings through CA BOCES

Family Training Opportunities







“Pandemic Parenting” Register:

This session will allow parents and caregivers to connect on the challenges of parenting during the pandemic. Learn specific tips on managing behaviors in the home, navigating & balancing the new normal and available community resources. In addition, we will provide opportunities for discussions specific to age-ranges & grade levels for their children.




“Help me Homeschool!” Register:

This session will provide support for families regarding ‘pandemic’ schooling, allow parents and caregivers to discuss the challenges of shifting from virtual, hybrid & face to face learning and offer technology support/Q&A.



“Social Emotional Learning (SEL) for Parents & Caregivers” Register:


This session will provide an overview on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and the five SEL competencies. Parents and caregivers will explore the importance of SEL within their child’s education, as well as in the home. Join us to learn some specific SEL strategies and resources that can support students and their wellbeing. 




“Resilient Families” Register:


This session will provide parents and caregivers with a basic understanding of trauma & the brain, and how both impact development and learning.  In addition, we will learn about ‘protective factors’ and how specific strategies can help to build resilience in your child(ren).



“Practicing Wellness; Self-Care for Caregivers” Register:


Parenting is hard work, especially so during 2020!  It is essential that parents and caregivers have the tools they need to maintain wellness through self-care and stress management.  Parents & caregivers will connect with one another and learn simple steps that can improve physical, mental & emotional wellbeing.



“Go Away, Anxiety!” register:


Anxiety is the #1 mental health diagnosis in youth.  Learn what happens in the brain when anxiety takes over.  Daily tasks, relationships and learning can become extremely difficult when anxiety is present.  Join other parents & caregivers in learning about explicit steps they can take to support children/youth who are struggling with anxiety.


All sessions will follow a similar format and structure.  Sessions will be hosted via zoom.  The beginning of the session (15 minutes) will offer connection & support.  The bulk of the session will be focused on education and new learning (40 minutes).  The closing of the session will be designated to sharing new resources and Q&A.

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