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Spectator Expectations

  • BCS highly encourages attendance at our sporting events. It is important for our student athletes to feel supported by our community and it is a great time to express Bulldog pride!


  • At the same time, it is important for spectators to remember that they are representing our school and community.
    • Any individual yelling, screaming, or making inappropriate comments toward athletes, coaches, officials, or other spectators will be told to leave the sporting event.
      • Incessant comments and complaining about officiating is not appropriate and will be addressed by chaperones
      • Inappropriate language will not be tolerated
    • If any individual is repeatedly addressed by chaperones or is required to leave more than one event, they will not be allowed to attend a BCS sporting event for the remainder of the year.
      • In this instance, a meeting with the superintendent, principal, and athletic director will be held to address the issue.
    • This includes both home and away events.


  • Sportsmanship is an expectation for everyone at a BCS sporting event!
    • Let the players play.
    • Let the coaches coach.
    • Let the officials officiate.
    • Fans should be loud, be proud, and be POSITIVE!


  • Let’s create a positive environment to support athletics at BCS!