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Mrs. Mullen

Hello!  Welcome to 4th grade at Belfast Central School!  I am Mrs. Mullen and have been teaching at BCS since 1986.  Many of your mothers and fathers were my students way back when!  That's what I love about this small school and small town.  When I'm not enjoying teaching, I love riding horses, spending time with my family, traveling, watching sports, reading, sewing and crocheting.  I have three grown children, two delightful grandchildren and a wonderful husband.  My hope for all of my students is that they will grow into adults that love learning, life and their families!  I love to hear from past students and where they are today.  Feel free to write me a note!

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  • Misty of Chincoteague

    by Marguerite Henry Year Published: 1947

    Misty of Chincoteague     

    Spelling/vocabulary Ch. 16-18

    Test on 5-17-19


    1. conditioning (verb) – to get in shape or to work towards a goal
    2. hankering (noun) – a craving
    3. twilight (noun) – the light as the sun sets
    4. accord (noun/verb) – to be in agreement or get along
    5. sideling (adverb) – sidelong or to be aside or next to
    6. chortled (verb) – to chuckle gleefully
    7. liberally (adverb) – a large amount; generously
    8. surge (noun) – a sudden powerful force outward
    9. ladled (verb) – scoop with a ladle
    10. amble (verb) – to walk slowly
    11. gunnysack (noun) – a sack made of burlap
    12. causeway (noun) – a raised road or path, highway or paved road
    13. hovering (verb) – to float above an object
    14. almanac (noun) – a book containing information about what will happen during a year
    15. gingerly (adverb) – with great care or caution
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  • May 10, 2019                                                                                                         

    Dear parents,


    AWARDS ASSEMBLY:  Congratulations to all of the winners!  Let’s press on until the end and continue to work hard and do our very best!  Please encourage your child to do so!  The five-week marking period ends next Friday.  Progress reports will come home May 17.


    STATE SCIENCE TEST:  The fourth graders will take their last state test on May 29 and June 3.  We have been preparing for this in class.


    FIELD TRIP:  The fourth graders will be going to Cuba-Rushford Elementary to watch the TheatreWorks production of “Rosie Revere, Engineer” on May 16.  Students must be caught up on assignments and demonstrate “PAWS” in order to attend.  Please sign the permission slip on the reverse side if you have not already done so.


    AGENDAS:  Please make sure you are checking your child’s agenda each day for assignments owed, things needing to be signed and notes from the teacher and school.  This is an important home to school communication tool.  Students not having agendas signed will not be able to eat in the room on Fridays.  Thank you for your help in keeping our children responsible.


    RECESS & GYM:  Please send sneakers with your child every day!


    INDEPENDENT READING: Students should have at least 32 points read for the month of April.  They will need 4 more points for May for a total of 36 points.  They must read at least one point during May even if they are ahead of the 36 point goal.  Students spend at least 20 minutes a day reading independently in school which should be enough to easily meet their goal.   However, your child may also read books at home and bring them in to take quizzes.  Your child has _______ points.





    Have a great weekend!                                




    Mrs. Bainbridge & Mrs. Mullen






    Produced by TheatreWorks USA


    My child ______________________________ has permission to attend “Rosie Revere, Engineer” with the Belfast Central School on May 16, 2019.





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