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Mrs. Joanne Ross

Hey Friends!   I'm so happy that you are here!

Welcome to the BCS Preschool Page.

Did you know that I am the luckiest teacher in the whole school?  True story!

My days are filled with curious 3-5-year-olds who love to explore, learn, play and sing!  Preschoolers have HUGE hearts and are caring friends. Our best friends include Oh-No and Emma Cups, and we can't forget Mrs. Bogdan.  We spend our days seeking adventures that stretch our brains, strengthen our bodies, grow our hearts all while learning to be the best "humans" (they love that word) we can be.  Preschool is HARD WORK filled with fun and accomplishments.  Disney may say they are the "happiest place on Earth", but I think we could challenge that.  I think PRESCHOOL IS the Best Place Ever!  

BCS has been my HOME since I was a Kindergarten student back in 1974-75.  I truly live by "Once a Bulldog, always a Bulldog." My first teaching job at BCS was in 1999 as a Kindergarten teacher.  Then I was blessed with the opportunity to teach in the K-2 Multiage program with amazing mentors and team teachers. This is my eighth year of teaching Preschool. I cherish opportunities to work with younger students and their families.  I LOVE IT HERE!  Just a few steps away from our classroom is the Aud/gym.  That is my second home at school where I coach the Girls' Varsity Volleyball Team.  I love volleyball!  Coaching these girls has taught me so much.  My players have their own branch on the Ross family tree and space in my heart.  

I live here in Belfast next to the house I grew up in.  My kiddos tell me every day "we saw your purple house."  My husband is retired so I fill his days with requests for help with preschool or volleyball. When we are not working, we enjoy time at home with all our pets, going kayaking, or taking trips to new, scenic places. We value the beauty in nature.  We are proud parents of our adult children and spend countless hours together still as a family.  There is even a granddog added to the mix.  

It's a busy and rewarding life that I am thankful for every day!