• June 21, 2009


         To Lori Wilson

               "Lori cleaned the cafeteria windows both inside and out!  She worked hard to remove the dirt that all of the 

    rain had splashed up on them".

               Submitted by Mary Enders


    June 1. 2019

    To Mr. Minnick

          "Thank you for all of your support!"

               Submitted by Caleb Caiazza


    May 31, 2019

    To Abigail Morton

    The other day, a student unknowingly dropped her wallet, which contained her license, debit card, and cash.

    "Abigail must have found it and looked at the license to find that it belonged to me. She found me, and returned my wallet with everything in it. It may have seemed like something small to her, but it was a really big deal to me. Many other kids would not have done the same thing, so I think that her good morals and behavior deserve to be recognized."

    Submitted by Ashley Estabrook