• The Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame (BKBHOF) is the only Hall of Fame dedicated to remembering and honoring both current and pioneer bare knuckle boxers and their supporters.  The BKBHOF is housed in the original 1889 barns where the great John L. Sullivan trained to prepare for the epic 75-round Bare Knuckle Boxing World Championship bout against Jake Kilrain! 

    These barns were owned by Sullivan's trainer who was not only the world's first fitness guru but also the World Greco-Roman Heavyweight Wrestling Champion of his time, William Muldoon. Muldoon invented the medicine ball and other innovative exercise tools used by today's athletes, however, Muldoon's fitness regiments were otherwise "old school" -- meaning his fighters also trained by chopping up piles of wood, jogging local trails, blacksmithing and working heavy ropes.  Fascinatingly, these barns were locked for 120 years until the BKBHOF owner and president, Mr. Scott Burt, restored them and began sharing them with the public in 2009.