• Carter Stout

    Posted by Wendy Butler on 6/23/2023

    Our next 2023 Senior is Carter "Ricky" Stout. Carter has played 4 years of Varsity Soccer and Baseball and 2 years of JV Basketball. He has been a member of the National Honor Society and has volunteered his time helping to coach younger students.  He has been employed in the maintenance department at St. Bonaventure University. 


    Next year, Carter plans to attend Alfred State to earn his Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering. 


    Mrs. Preston said, "Carter is patient, kind, and very close to his family!  "Ricky" loves sports, especially baseball. He is a cornhole champion who also enjoys working on his '87 Firebird and spending time with his dogs! He has overcome some serious sports injuries with persistence and strength and has gained maturity and wisdom from these experiences."

    Congratulations, Carter! 


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  • Trevor Clark

    Posted by Wendy Butler on 6/21/2023

    Our next 2023 Senor is Trevor Clark. Trevor has played on the Volleyball and Tennis teams throughout high school. He is the Treasurer for the class of 2023 and a Student Council Representative. 


    Next year, Trevor plans to attend SUNY Fredonia majoring in Chemistry. 


    Mrs. Preston said, " Trevor is often quiet but also has a fun sense of humor and is very smart! He excels in problem solving and critical thinking and is a great writer. He enjoys gardening, cooking, playing tennis and board games, and listening to music. Trevor is always willing to help others! "


    Congratulations, Trevor!


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  • Gavin Kenyon

    Posted by Wendy Butler on 6/19/2023

    Our next 2023 Senior is Gavin Kenyon. Gavin has played on the Tennis team during high school and is a Yearbook Editor for the Publications Class. Gavin  is completing a two year course of study in Media and Communications at the Belmont CTE Center. Next year, Gavin plans to attend SUNY Fredonia majoring in Art and hopes to become a character concept designer. 


    Mrs. Preston said, " Gavin is a great person who is always kind to others!  He loves spending time with friends and family.  Gavin is passionate about cats, drawing, and music. His sense of humor and smile always brighten the mood! His accepting and empathetic nature will serve him well in all he does!"


    Congratulations, Gavin! 


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  • Andrew Klos

    Posted by Wendy Butler on 6/16/2023 9:00:00 AM

    Our next 2023 Senior is Andrew Klos. Andrew is completing a two-year course of study at the Olean CTE in Product Design and Manufacturing. Andrew has been employed in the food service industry and enjoys cooking, video games, biking and hanging out with friends. Next year Andrew plans to attend JCC majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Congratulations Andrew!


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  • Harley Proctor

    Posted by Wendy Butler on 6/14/2023

    Our next Senior spotlight goes to Harley Proctor! Harley has played Soccer, Basketball and Softball throughout high school. She is completing a two-year course in Animal Science at the Belmont Career and Technical Center. Harley plans to enter the workforce next year, possible at Friendship Dairies/Saputo. 


    Ms. Szwejbka said, " Since I've met Harley, she has impressed me with her tenacity and dedication. She might be quiet in the classroom, but I've enjoyed learning that she also has a bit of a sassy side! In addition to being a skilled multi-sport athlete, she shines at mentoring and encouraging her teammates, especially younger peers joining varsity sports for the first time.  She has persevered through all challenges she's faced, both academically and in sports. Good luck next year, and make sure you come back to cheer with me at all the basketball games!"


    Congratulations Harley!


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  • Daemon Cobb

    Posted by Wendy Butler on 6/12/2023

    Our next 2023 Senior spotlight goes to Daemon Cobb. Daemon has played Varsity Soccer and Basketball during high school and is completing a two-year course of study in Criminal Justice at the Belmont Career and tech Center. 

    Ms. Szwejbka said, "Daemon is a kind, committed, and involved individual who I've always enjoyed having in class. He is one of the more frequent contributors to our English 12 discussions. His dedication to his studies, his sports teams, and his future military career will ensure he finds great success in his future!"


    Next year, Daemon is going to enlist in the United States Army in the field of Artillery and Small Arms Repair. He leaves on July 5 for basic training in Ft. Jackson,  South Carolina. Congratulations, Daemon!


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  • Gabrielle Costa

    Posted by Wendy Butler on 6/9/2023

    Our next 2023 Senor spotlight goes to Gabrielle Costa. Gabby has been on the BC/GV Cheerleading Team during high school and has been employed at both the Cuba McDonalds and Giant. She has volunteered her time helping out in a Kindergarten PE class. Next year, Gabby plans to attend St. Bonaventure University majoring in Early Childhood Education and hopes to teach Kindergarten one day!


    Ms. Szwejbka said, " Gabbi is a super hard worker who always seems on the go! She has shown great dedication to her classes, her cheer team, and her jobs. She's become quite the helper in my classroom this year. I'm going to miss my daily cup of orange juice with her every 1st period! Good luck in all you do and remember that your BCS family is always here for you."


    Congratulations Gabby!


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  • Stiven Lopez

    Posted by Wendy Butler on 6/7/2023

    Our next 2023 Senior Spotlight goes to Stiven Joel Lopez Avila!


    Stiven has been active on the soccer and volleyball teams, and is a member of the National Honor Society. Stiven has also done custodial work at Sojourners Mennonite Fellowship.


    Next year, Stiven plans to return to Honduras where he will pursue a certification in teaching English as a second language.


    Mr. Hazelton said, " Stiven has overcome incredible adversity in his 4 years at BCS.  In all of these difficulties he has shown his character of compassion, perseverance and dedication to success.  You should be very proud of your hard work and accomplishments. I look forward to seeing you in your next steps. Long live pizza night and barbecue pizza! " 


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  • Jacob Lindo

    Posted by Wendy Butler on 6/5/2023

    Our next 2023 Senior is Jacob Lindo. Jake has spent much of his free time during high school working at his boxing club in Hornell. He is also completing a two-year course of study in Criminal Justice at the Belmont Career and Technical Center. After graduation, Jake plans to continue working at a boxing gym and work toward becoming a professional boxer. After that, he plans to invest in business! 


    Ms. Szwejbka said, "I've enjoyed having "King" Jacob in English class this year. He speaks his mind and actively contributes to class discussions. In addition to studying Criminal Justice, he works independently to hone in his boxing skills. I'll look forward to seeing him on ESPN some day! 


    Congratulations Jacob!


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  • Garrett Miller

    Posted by Wendy Butler on 6/2/2023

    Our next 2023 Senior is Garrett Miller! Garrett has played both Soccer and Baseball during his time at BCS, but he has spent the majority of his free time racing and working for his dad. Garrett is completing a two-year course of study in the Heavy Equipment Operations course at the Belmont CTE Center. Next year he plans to enter the Carpenter's Union Local 276. 


    Ms. Szwejbka said, " It's been a great joy to teach Garrett (Miller) for the first time this year. He is spunky, outgoing, and confident. I've often suggested that he consider a backup career in stand-up comedy, as he is constantly cracking me up in class and study hall! Garrett is a reliable and hard worker; he has a strong sense of the world and how to successfully navigate in it. I would wish him good luck in his future, but he doesn't need it—you've got this, Garrett!


    Congratulations Garrett!


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