• Below are directions on how to sign up for RSchool (Allegany County League Website). This site not only allows you to view team schedules, but it allows you to sign-up for notifications as to game, time, bus and field changes. This will enable everyone associated with a program to be notified at once when changes are made to a schedule. So, in the event that a game is canceled due to weather you will be notified via email, cell phone or both, of the cancellation and reschedule. When these changes they are immediate on this web site as well. Please visit the web site below and sign up for notifications now. Please follow the directions below. It is easy and only takes about 5 minutes of your time. As time goes on, we will add more features such as scores and stats from each team.
    Step 1. Go to the web site Allegany County rSchool League
    Step 2. From the list, click on Belfast
    Step 3. At the top of the page towards the right, click "notify me"
    Step 4. Check the boxes for the sports of which you want to be notified
    Step 5. Click continue
    Step 6. There will be a drop down asking you how long before games you wish to be reminded of the game. (The box to the right should already be checked. This is important as this is your notification that a change has been made. If it is checked leave it, if not, check it)
    Step 7 Click continue
    Step 8 Fill out all the info in the boxes. Please read the disclaimer about spam blockers
    Step 9 Click Save Settings
    You are finished. It will tell you if you left something blank. A second email is not needed.
    If you need to get back into the program and make changes to your profile, you can do that. Please remember your password.