• In 7th Grade General Music we discover all the ways we interact with music throughout our lives. Our units include the following:

    Music Theory and Composition: Students will continually learn the basics of music literacy - the "de-coding" of the musical language and then writing it themselves - throughout the whole year. 

    Marking Period #1:

    The Piano - Known as "the orchestra at your fingertips," students learn the history of the piano, great composers and compositions, basic piano playing skills, and how a piano is designed/made. This unit concludes with a project where students design their own piano, present it to the class, and are given the opportunity to have it displayed later in the year.

    Marking Period #2:

    The History of Rock & Roll - Starting in the 1950's with Bill Haley and the Comets, and Chuck Berry, students will learn the "greats" of Rock & Roll. With videos, worksheets, listening examples, and fun projects interspersed throughout the marking period, there is ample opportunity to expand their knowledge of the progression of music up to our modern-day artists.