• December 11, 2018


    To Parents/Guardians:           

    Your child may have been exposed to conjunctivitis at school.  This is commonly known as pink eye. 

    Please watch your child for the following symptoms.  Conjunctivitis can be bacterial, viral or allergic, so it is very important that if your child has the symptoms below, you should call your child’s healthcare provider for guidance.

    Common Signs and Symptoms:

    • Irritated swollen eyes or eyelids
    • Itching of the eyes
    • Excessive tears
    • Blurred vision that clears with blinking
    • Green or yellow discharge
    • Painful dried or crusted discharge on the eyelids

    Pink eye can be contagious, and it is best controlled by diligent hand washing.

    It is important to discuss conjunctivitis with your child’s healthcare provider as treatment may be different based on the source of the conjunctivitis (bacterial, viral or allergic).  Your child may need to be excluded from school, and this decision is made by your child’s healthcare provider.

    Please call the school’s Health Office if you have any questions or concerns.