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  • 3/27/20

    Good afternoon BCS Families.

    This morning, Governor Cuomo announced that schools will remain closed through April 15, 2020. BCS will continue to provide instructional resources and meals for our students during the closure. We will also continue to update families with additional information.

    Grades 5-12 Interim Online Learning Reporting System

    Given the unprecedented circumstances of a long-term online learning delivery model, we are providing interim guidance on how we will capture students’ in-school performance through March 13, 2020 and student performance during our closure.  As one of the many articles related to these ever changing times suggests, we should prioritize empathy, kindness and trust.  Given all that is transpiring, many students cannot be expected to fully do their best work while moving, being isolated, shifting to online learning, and experiencing a myriad of other changes.  We will continue monitoring any state or federal guidance in this area and these guidelines are subject to change in these uncertain times. This is certainly not a dilemma unique to BCS. With all of this in mind, BCS will be following these guidelines:

    3rd Marking Period Guidelines

    • We are going to close the third marking period and not commingle newly created virtual assignments with class work completed through March 13, 2020.
    • Teachers should use their professional judgement when determining how to best grade assignments that were in progress through March 13th and completed during the dismissal period.
    • Students will be given until April 8, 2020 to submit missing work.  Teachers will reach out to students with missing assignments and inform them of the missing assignments. Teachers will communicate how students can make up the assignment or submit it.
    • We anticipate publishing 3rd Quarter Report Cards after April 20th.  
    • Quarter dates will be changed in Aspen by the District.  Any assignments with a due date after 3/13 will automatically change over to 4Q.  

    Interim 4th Marking Period Guidelines

    • Relative to new assignments, a three-tiered placeholder system will be used in the interim.  We will not leave any student who makes an attempt to participate behind during these unprecedented times.  As such, we will refrain from recording any failing grades while we are closed and allow students to revisit unsubmitted and/or unsatisfactory work when school resumes or when we receive more clear guidance from NYSED.  Our rationale for this is student-centered and multi-layered.  This includes issues pertaining to, but not limited to, appropriate access, IEP mandates, 504 regulations, potential mental health issues, etc.

    Therefore, the three tiers for grade reporting in Aspen gradebooks for the Interim 4th Marking Period are as follows:

    • “NG” No Grade = assignment not submitted
    • “U” Unsatisfactory = assignment submitted but does not meet minimum requirements
    • Any passing numeric grade (ex. 7/10, 85%, 65-100, etc.) = grades entered as per the usual

    If your child does not have instructional materials, please contact the teacher and BCS will arrange to have the materials delivered.

    Beginning next week (3/30/20), BCS will be increasing WIFI throughout the District. Please note that the WIFI is not as strong as it is within the building, but the connection will work. Please let teachers know if you have issues connecting to the Internet. As a reminder, BCS has currently located WIFI connections

                Town of Caneadea- far side of the parking lot or across the street

                Town of Belfast- across the street from the town building, by the park

                Oramel Fire Dept.- along the side of the building by the mailbox, not   in front of the building

                   Internet Connection Information:

                                   SSID: kajeet smartbus

                                   Password: smartbus

    The Belfast Public Library also has free WIFI that students can access. The password is belfastlib.

    Thank you for your patience and support as we continue to work together during this unprecedented time in education. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any point.

    Dr. Butler

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